City of Bay: Sanitation

Dedman Sanitation Service  (Service Provider)
Phone: 870-781-3754

City of Bay, AR Sanitation



Dedman Sanitation is your service provider, and picks up within the city limits for $11.00 per month. This is added to your water bill for your convenience. If you have any problems you can call Dedman’s Sanitation at: 870.781.3754. The city, nor Dedman’s Sanitation provide trash cans, you can purchase one from Dedman’s, (call for prices), or purchase one anywhere else as long as it meets the requirements of ordinance #2007-02. (see below) Pick up time: Blalock addition and Cherry Additions will have trash pickup every Friday. If you do not live in these additions, your pick up will be every Monday.

Trash cans need to be placed near the edge of your property (but not directly on the street), at curbside of the property within 10 feet of the collection route on the street or alley at ground level. Trash must be in plastic bags inside the trash cans. Trash containers (metal or plastic) cannot be any larger than 45 gallons unless the container is a tipster type which shall not exceed 98 gallons. 45 gallon containers or less must have a hole drilled in the bottom. NO DRUMS OR BARRELLS. All containers must have handles and lids.

Do not put your trash out more than 24 hours before pick up time, and containers should be removed from the curb no longer than 12 hours after pick up.
Normally the city funds at least one week per year for a “SPRING CLEAN UP”.
Notices for the dates of the clean-up will be on the back of your water bill. This is no additional cost to our citizens and most all items (except tires, shingles, and siding or remodel construction/landlord clean up) will be picked up. This is for residential citizens only and does not pertain to businesses. Usually this will be in April or May of each year.

Dedman's Sanitation

609 Dedman St.
Bay, AR 72411, USA

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