Rules for Community Center

  • Fees will be paid up front prior to rental.
  • Signed rental agreement prior to key being given.
  • Paper products, cleaning supplies, soap will not be provided.
  • The cleaning fee will not be returned until after inspection, Renter will be contacted after inspection.
  • All trash will be taken out and put in outside containers(All trash will be trash bags).
  • Nothing shall be left in Refrigerator, or freezer.
  • Tables and chairs that are provided are inventoried and inspected after each use. Any Damage or missing pieces will result in replacement costs being assessed.
  • Do not attach anything to the walls, ceilings. No tape, command strips, fishing line, string, hooks, streamers, thumb tacks, or sticky tack.
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed.
  • No overnight events allowed.
  • Any noise complaints, disorderly conduct, or calls to law enforcement will result in event being shut down and all fees forfeited.
  • Lost key will result in a $25.00 replacement fee.
  • No person under age 21 may rent buildings, all persons underage will be supervised by an adult over 21 years of age. If minors are found and un-supervised the event will be shut down and all fees forfeited.
  • A copy of the ID, current address, and telephone number shall be provided at time of rental and a copy of these rules will be signed upon agreement.
  • Rental Fee $60.00
  • Deposit $100